Mines of Lomar and Kaar

The Mines of Lomar and Kaar are the two sites where 80% of the ores, minerals, and precious stones of the Empire come from.


The Mines of Lomar are found in the Lomar Range, just south of Sarkia, and are the source of most of the precious stones of the Empire. Major mines organized by various guilds mine the bulk of the minerals, working alongside of smaller, independent projects. 35% of the minerals mined on a large-scale in this region are exported to the Empire of Ranaa.


The Mines of Kaar are a shocking contrast to their cousins in the west. While the Mines of Lomar are large collaborative operations centered around gemstones, the Mines of Kaar are mostly occupied by small mining operations subcontracted by various guilds, who handle the bulk of precious metals and ores of the Empire. The mining projects are always outfitted with small groups of mercenaries, due to the danger posed by the Watchers in the Waste, who sometimes raid the Mines .

Mines of Lomar and Kaar

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